MTG Arena – Standard Neon Dynasty Izzet Mill Smith with Ruined Crab, Tasha and Invoke Calamity

MTG Arena – Standard Neon Dynasty Izzet Mill B01 Deck

Oh yes… Mill Time… This is my take on the Izzet Mill Deck… and It’s cool! The crabs are as essential as your Mill spells… they slowly eat the library bit by bit till hit your opponent with a double or triple Tasha. What’s good about this is that you can use Invoke Calamity to recast your mill spells for free from your grave yard… Have fun pissing off your opponent! 😀


7 Creatures
4x – Ruined Crab
3x – Goldspan Dragon

32 Non-Creatures
4x – Fading Hope
3x – Negate
4x – Maddening Cacophony
3x – Galvanic Iteration
4x – Tasha’s Hideous Laughter
2x – Otherworldly Gaze
3x – Expressive Iteration
2x – Prismari Command
2x – Unexpected Windfall
2x – Invoke Calamity
1x – Jwari Disruption
1x – Glasspool Mimic
1x – Silundi Vision

21 Lands
1x – Hall of Storm Giants
1x – Ottawa, Soaring City
4x – Evolving Wilds
4x – Stormcarved Coast
4x – Riverglide Pathway
4x – Mountains
3x – Islands

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