MTG Arena – New Capenna – Esper Control Deck with Queza Augur of Agonies and Even the Score

MTG Arena – New Capenna – Esper Control Deck with Queza Augur of Agonies and Even the Score

Oh yes… Mill Time… This is my take on the Izzet Mill Deck… and It’s cool! The crabs are as essential as your Mill spells… they slowly eat the library bit by bit till hit your opponent with a double or triple Tasha. What’s good about this is that you can use Invoke Calamity to recast your mill spells for free from your grave yard… Have fun pisIt’s an 80-card deck again! Always been comfortable with a control deck containing 80 cards in the library… How does it work? Control the board, protect Queza and draw your opponents to death… with Liliana damaging the opponent with your spells… time to piss some players…


3 Creatures
3x – Queza, Augur of Agonies

42 Non-Creatures
3x – Fading Hope
2x – Bloodchief’s Thirst
2x – Vanishing Verse
3x – Obscura Charm
3x – Void Rend
2x – March of Wretched Sorrows
2x – Negate
2x – Test of Talents
2x – Go Blank
2x – Sunset Revelry
2x – Tainted Indulgence
3x – Behold the Multiverse
2x – Even the Score
2x – Path of Peril
1x – Doomskar
2x – Farewell
1x – Blood on the Snow
2x – Meathook Massacre
1x – Lolth, Spider Queen
3x – Professor Onyx

35 Lands
1x – Emeria’s Call
1x – Hive of the Eye Tyrant
1x – Hall of Storm Giants
1x – Sea Gate Restoration
1x – Elganjo, Seat of the Empire
4x – Deserted Beach
4x – Shattered Sanctum
4x – Shipwrecked Marsh
4x – Raffine’s Tower
3x – Field of Ruins
4x – Snow-Covered Plains
4x – Snow-Covered Islands
3x – Snow-Covered Swamp

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