MTG Arena – Standard Esper Control Superfriends Deck with Liliana, Lolth, Kaito, Jace and Emperor

MTG Arena – Standard Esper Control Superfriends Deck

Like most of my control deck builds, this is an 80-card deck because I want to insert every little bit of essentials in terms of control. Currently the meta is proliferating with creatures and enchantments. These deck includes a massive amount of board wipes and removals. So there are only two wincons here: Wipe out the board and Professor Onyx will do the rest OR tire out your opponent into submitting and conceding. Patience is a virtue. This entails long gameplays and smart spell casting. Control is the key.

Deck List

43 Non-Creatures

3x – Duress
3x – Negate
2x – Fading Hope
2x – Vanishing Verse
2x – Soul Transfer
2x – March of the Otherworldly Light
2x – March of the Wretched Sorrow
3x – Behold the Multiverse
3x – Memory Deluge
2x – Path of Peril
2x – Doomskar
2x – Farewell
2x – Blood on the Snow
2x – Meathook Massacre
1x – Jace, Mirror Mage
2x – Kaito Shizuki
2x – The Wandering Emperor
2x – Lolth, The Spider Queen
2x – Professor, Onyx

37 Lands

2x – Elganjo, Seat of the Empire
2x – Hive of the Eye Tyrant
1x – Hall of Storm Giants
2x – Field of Ruins
4x – Shattered Sanctum
4x – Brightclimb Pathway
4x -Deserted Beach
4x – Hengegate Pathway
4x – Shipwreck Marsh
4x – Clearwater Pathway
2x – Snow-Covered Swamp
2x – Snow-Covered Plains
2x – Snow-Covered Island

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