MTG Arena – Standard Monoblack Discard Deck with Tergrid and Invoke Despair – Magic the Gathering

MTG Arena – Standard B01 Rakdos Reactor Deck with Ob Nixilis, Oni Cult Anvil and Dragonspark Reactor

Yes, its another discard deck but almost no creature at all… Slowly strip their hands with their essentials … finish them off with Tergrid’s Lantern or with Professor Onyx… or maybe just simply piss them off to conceded… Happy now? 🙂 ..

Deck Build

3 Creatures
3x – Tergrid God of Fright

33 Noncreature Spells
2x – Path of Peril
2x – Baleful Mastery
3x – Duress
3x – Professor Onyx
2x – The Meathook Massacre
3x – Infernal Grasp
2x – Bloodchief’s Thirst
4x – Invoke Despair
3x – Check for Traps
4x – Demon’s Due
2x – Blood on the Snow
3x – Go Blank

24 Lands
17x – Snow-covered Swamp
2x – Field of Ruin
2x – Hive of the Eye Tyrant
1x – Takenuma, Abandoned Mire
1x – Pelakka Predation
1x – Hagra Mauling

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