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MTG Arena 2022 - Standard Mono Blue Haughty Djinn and Tolarian Terror Deck - they quit

It’s that Mono Blue Tempo Deck with Haughty Djinn and Tolarian Terror that pisses off the opponent… This is my version of it… It’s all about timing and protecting your creatures so you can one shot or two shot your opponent … Don’t be such a haughty kid!

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MTG Arena – Standard Kaldheim Mono Red with Fiery Emancipation, Sundering Stroke & Goldspan Dragon

Its as simple as throwing critical burn spells to your opponent. Use the Shocks and

MTG Arena - Original Kaldheim Standard Deck Esper Control with Ashiok, Ugin, Kaya and Dream Trawler

Standard Kaldheim Esper Control Deck, How do you pilot this. Right timing on the usage

Decklist Creatures4x – Fervent Champion4x – Robber of the Rich4x – BoneCrusher Giant4x – Phoenix

MTG Arena – Kaldheim Azorious Standard Bird Deck with Raven’s Warning and Dream Trawler

Well, Are you a bird lover? This deck is for you. It’s a fun azorious

MTG Arena – Standard Orzhov Kaldheim Angel Control Deck with Firja’s Retribution & Rampage of the Valkyries

Kaldheim brought back the angels and since I love Control decks; Why not make an

Orzhov Control Deck with a lots of removals, discard and exile cards. It’s a hate

mtg arena - original standard rakdos deck

It’s back to Rakdos with Kroxa, Titan of Death’s Hunger and my pet cat Lurrus

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