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MTG Arena - Standard Monoblack Discard Deck with Tergrid and Invoke Despair - Magic the Gathering

Yes, its another discard deck but almost no creature at all… Slowly strip their hands with their essentials … finish them off with Tergrid’s Lantern or with Professor Onyx… or maybe just simply piss them off to conceded… Happy now? 🙂 ..

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Decklist Creatures4x – Fervent Champion4x – Robber of the Rich4x – BoneCrusher Giant4x – Phoenix

MTG Arena – Kaldheim Azorious Standard Bird Deck with Raven’s Warning and Dream Trawler

Well, Are you a bird lover? This deck is for you. It’s a fun azorious

MTG Arena – Standard Orzhov Kaldheim Angel Control Deck with Firja’s Retribution & Rampage of the Valkyries

Kaldheim brought back the angels and since I love Control decks; Why not make an

Orzhov Control Deck with a lots of removals, discard and exile cards. It’s a hate

mtg arena - original standard rakdos deck

It’s back to Rakdos with Kroxa, Titan of Death’s Hunger and my pet cat Lurrus

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