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MTG Arena - New Capenna - Esper Control Deck with Queza Augur of Agonies and Even the Score

It’s an 80-card deck again! Always been comfortable with a control deck containing 80 cards in the library… How does it work? Control the board, protect Queza and draw your opponents to death… with Liliana damaging the opponent with your spells… time to piss some players…

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MTG Arena – Standard Orzhov Kaldheim Angel Control Deck with Firja’s Retribution & Rampage of the Valkyries

Kaldheim brought back the angels and since I love Control decks; Why not make an

Orzhov Control Deck with a lots of removals, discard and exile cards. It’s a hate

mtg arena - original standard rakdos deck

It’s back to Rakdos with Kroxa, Titan of Death’s Hunger and my pet cat Lurrus

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