MTG Arena – Standard Dimir Control with Tergrid, Professor Onyx and Lolth the Spider Queen

MTG Arena – Standard Dimir Control with Tergrid, Professor Onyx and Lolth the Spider Queen

This is an 80-card Control Deck… Why? … to get more quality cards in the deck and create a variety for wincon aside from pissing off your opponent 🙂 … But first and foremost… you’re main object is control the early threats by removing their creatures and denying them a healthy board so you can establish your hand and slowly prep for a formidable control defense and win your way either by your opponents conceding or with Tergrid, Liliana or Lolth.


11 Creatures
4x – Shambling Ghast
4x – Eyetwitch
3x – Tergrid, God of Fright/Tergrid’s Lantern

35 Non-Creatures
4x – Fading Hope
2x – Bloodchief’s Thirst
2x – Soul Shatter
4x – Duress
2x – Negate
2x – Test of Talents
2x – Saw it Coming
3x – Deadly Dispute
2x – Behold the Multiverse
3x – Memory Deluge
3x – The Meathook Massacre
2x – Blood on the Snow
2x – Professor Onyx
2x – Lolth Spider Queen

34 Lands
1x – Hall of Storm Giants
1x – Hive of the Eye Tyrant
2x – Field of Ruins
4x – Shipwreck Marsh
4x – Clearwater Pathway
12x – Snow-Covered Swamp
11x – Snow-Covered Islands

7 Sideboard
2x – Environmental Sciences
1x – Teachings of the Archaics
1x – Introduction to Annihilation
2x – Mascot Exhibition
1x – Confront the Past

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